Studio 2014 is faster than Studio 2019 when using DNS 13


I've been using Studio 2014 and DNS 13 for a few years now with good results.
I follow the procedure below when translating.
1. Cursor in target segment
2. Microphone on
3. Speak
4. Confirm and move to next unconfirmed segment (keyboard shortcut)
5. Repeat procedure

I may switch the micro off and on when moving between segments,
because it seems to prevent Studio from crashing.  It's done quickly enough with a keyboard shortcut.

Now, with Studio 2019, nothing happens when I speak, although Dragon is listening... I have to launch Dragon's Dictation Box, but that's one additional step, and The dictation box is slow to appear..slower than when I use it with Studio 2014. I can also dictate in Dragon's Editor, then copy/paste in the target segment, but that is cumbersome and slow.

As a result Studio 2014 is faster than Studio 2019, as far as my personal workflow is concerned.

Any suggestions ? Thanks for your input

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  • Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know that I found a workaround :
    Using a keyboard shortcut, I launch the dictation box *before* reading the segment I will be translating.
    The dictation box launches while I am reading the source segment, and it's ready when I begin to dictate the target segment.

    For very short segments, single words, etc., I just type because it is faster than dictating anyway.
    Working with Studio 2019 is now faster than with Studio 2014.
    Thanks for you help !
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