Not being able to dictate straight into the target window with DNS

When I dictate with DNS using Studio, the text that I dictate is entered in a second window. I then need to click Transfer to transfer the text into the target segment. This slows me down, and it is not the way DNS works with at least one of Studio's major competitors.

Has anyone found a solution to this? Or is it just how DNS works with Studio at the moment?


  • Hi Jayne,

    I don't know Dragon at all but I thought I’d share this video Nora produced quite a while ago when I first started seeing questions on the use of DNS in Studio.

    This won’t answer your question, but it might at least give you some confidence it can be done.



  • Thanks Paul. Mine doesn't work like that. I'll have to ask Nora how she does it - perhaps I'm using the wrong setting somewhere.

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  • Dear Jayne,

    The window you see is called the Dictation Window. This window pops up when you start to dictate in an application that Dragon can not control. There is a check mark in the Dragon bar that indicates this state. If the check mark is green Dragon has full control in this application an you can use voice commands to edit your text and do corrections. Whet the check mark stays gray, you can dictate on the cursor position but you can not use Dragon commands.

    By default Dragon gives you in this situation the Dictation window. When dictating in this Windows you have full Dragon control. And indeed you have to transfer the dictated text with a voice command (click transfer) of by clicking on the transfer button to the cursor position.

    If you do not want the dictation Window to appear you can change the settings in Dragon in the options menu.