Not being able to dictate straight into the target window with DNS

When I dictate with DNS using Studio, the text that I dictate is entered in a second window. I then need to click Transfer to transfer the text into the target segment. This slows me down, and it is not the way DNS works with at least one of Studio's major competitors.

Has anyone found a solution to this? Or is it just how DNS works with Studio at the moment?


  • Hi Emma,

    I think Pablo has a different problem. He says that he can not dictate in other Windows programs. This is one of the main functions of Dragon. If that does not work there must be something else wrong.

    If the Check mark in the Dragon bar is not green but gray, Dragon has no support to control this application but and you can dictate (without the dictation box) straight into the application at the cursor position. You can not use commands to correct or edit the text with your voice and also you can not control the application (menus)

    Often when you have a gray check mark in an MS-office application the Dragon plugin (invoegtoepassing in Dutch) is not installed or started in the office application.

    What I find also helpful to solve strange problems when I repair the Dragon installation from the installation DVD (insert the DVD and chose the repair function).

  • "Typing gives me thinking time":

    I agree that typing is more leisurely, but hands-down, if I'm in a hurry, dictation gets me out of a tight corner! It can also be used at a more serene pace to provide a blocked-out initial draft for subsequent working over.

    The "overhead", i.e. the drawback, is that dictation does wear the brain down. So one needs to organise one's time allowing space at the far end of the session to sit back and relax - after editing the dictated text to weed out "monsters", obviously :-)

    An idea for judicious unwinding could be to input a raft of terms to a Multiterm termbase, if the exercise can be predicted to be soothingly repetitive and the characteristics of the term population (context, client, technical domain, etc.) are homogeneous overall.

    I hope this helps.

    With kind regards,

    Adam Warren.

  • Indeed... I have to say that in the last few months I've been suffering with pain in my arm that is made a lot worse with typing, so I started to use DNS more for everything. After the first few days of really trying to use this I've actually started to find it quite comfortable, and fast. It's taken a different thought process as I am used to thinking as I type, but now I have to think before I speak... which is probably something I should have practiced for years anyway!

    I do get the Text to Speech thing, but find it impossible for editing. It's faster for me and more comfortable with a keyboard.