switching between two languages

I translate from German into French. So I'll buy the french version of Dragon. But can I then dictate some german words wich I would need for example to look in a dictionnary or for a search in google ? How can I manage this ?

  • Hi Laurence,

    The French version of Dragon will allow you to dictate either in French or in English, but not at the same time, you would need to switch profiles to change the dictation language, and that takes over a minute to do each time. If you want to have French and German, I'm afraid you would need to buy two versions of Dragon, but I really don't know how if you could have both running at the same time in the same computer.

    Having said that, if the German text will be used for dictionary lookups or Google searches, with the Professional version of Dragon you can create commands to launch do searches with selected text, so if you can select the text via mouse or keyboard, then you can use your voice to launch a search.

  • That's a good idea, in fact I can select the text and the launch a search with the voice. Thank you very much, Nora.