Knowbrainer script for inserting tags

Can somebody help me with a script for Knowbrainer. I would like to insert tags ?

  • I cannot help you with your main request, but if you are using Dragon Professional Individual e.g. version 15 or an older Premium version you can make commands in that.

    Select Tools.... Add New Command - Give this a name e.g. Add Tag then choose in the Command Type ......"Step by Step".

    Then choose Insert and type the key commands e.g. CTRL and OK, to insert a tag. You will still have to select the tag but that is one way. Alternatively, after Insert, Choose  CTRL and INS to Copy Source to Target to copy all the tags and then just alter the text. You also have to click on Train to dictate the command so Dragon recognises it.
    You can add several lines of commands by repeating "Insert" and pressing keys to make a macro-like command.

    Hope this helps!


  • Oops I should have written CTRL  and ,   (CTRL plus comma), then press OK. Nora Diaz may also be able to help you with your main question. 

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