Studio and Dragon

Is there anyone who could hel me with a feedback on the interaction between Drangon and Studio 2014 or 2015? This year I'll have a student with a phisical disability. She needs Dragon to use the PC or at least she can use a tablet.

I know that someone was testing Studio and Dragon. Is it possible to use them together? Is it possible to use the main functions without using the keyboard?


  • Hi. I have been using them both together for years. I use Dragon only to dictate the actual text into Studio, but not for commands. The only problem I encountered was that AutoSuggest cannot be used at the same time, as it tends to disrupt the dictation.

  • Like Jonathan, I've been using Dragon to dictate text into Studio for years. The good news is that the latest versions of Dragon are very accurate and require minimal text correction, but keep in mind that some correction will still be needed, and this cannot be done by voice, which leads to the bad news: Studio is one of Dragon's unsupported applications, which means that there are certain limitations. From Nuance: "When dictating with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 in a non-supported application, editing text with voice commands like "select line", "correct that" or "capitalize that" cannot be performed because Dragon does not know where the edits took place and therefore cannot maintain a correspondence between typed text and the dictated text." (

    Furthermore, when it comes to commands to control the program, it's just not possible, at least with the Premium version. Dragon simply doesn't include Studio's commands and therefore they cannot be used.

    Here's a screenshot of Dragon's command browser. The commands for programs that can be controlled by voice are listed here.

    I know the Pro version is more customizable and the user can add scripts and commands, although I don't know how much of that would work with Studio.

    There's a new version that came out a few weeks ago that is also supposed to be more customizable but since it's not yet available in my language, I haven't had a chance to try it out.

    Oh, and regarding the Dragon and AutoSuggest issue, SDL has taken care of this and it will no longer be an issue after the next Studio CU. : )

  • Many thanks for your detailed answer! We will try and share with you our experience!
  • Many thanks for your experience Jonathan!
  • Hi Nora

    Do you find that sometimes Dragon startes inserting a space before at the beginning of a Target segment and then if you manually enter a word and hit the space bar, when you resume dictating it adds a preceding space, resulting in 2 spaces? The second part is not an issue as you cane use Find and Replace two spaces with one. The first is not so easy fix, unless you go through the document manually.

  • Hi Simon,

    I did see this occasionally with older versions of Dragon, but not since updating to Dragon Professional Individual 14. What version of Dragon are you using?