Can the segment filter drop-down list be used without a mouse?

I am trying to use Dragon with the segment filter drop-down list, specifically I am trying to use a Dragon script to work with the filter.

If I try to use an Alt sequence of keys, i.e. starting with Alt R to open the "Review" ribbon, then I have to follow this with "L" if "All segments" is showing in the ribbon, but I have to use "D2" if the filter is set to "Draft" segments. (This is rather "daft" in my opinion.) So it is not possible to open the drop-down list in a script this way.

Even if you do open the drop-down list this way, none of the entries in the list has been assigned a key to select it -- which means that once you have the list open you have to use the mouse for the final step anyway.

You can, of course, use "Ctrl-Shift-F6" to open the drop-down list, regardless of whether the filter is currently showing "All segments", or "Draft" or something else. But then you find that the arrow keys do not move you up and down in the list -- which means you have to use the mouse for the final step of selecting an entry from the list.

Why this drop-down list has to be different from all the other drop-down lists in the ribbon is a mystery, but it is the only drop-down list that doesn't allow you to use the arrow keys.

I can, of course, emulate a mouse click at a specific location, which is what I have done in my script, but then I have to make sure the Studio window is maximised on one of my 24 inch displays, because changing the window size or moving the window to my 19 inch display changes the location of the drop-down list. (Yes, I do sometimes move the window around or resize it.)

Does anyone know of a way to use the segment filter drop-down list without a mouse?