Why is Dragon so slow in Studio in my case?

I have been using Dragon for a while, but in all honesty I can't lay claim to any productivity gains and I'm purely using it to avoid RSI!

I'm aware of the incompatibilities/problems with DNS and Trados, but I can cope with those.

The main issue I'm having, is the speed (or lack of) of Dragon in Studio. Every time I dictate a segment, the little cursor whirls away, and I sit back and wait. I'm very aware that I could have typed the segment three times over in this time (I'm a very fast touch typist).

There is another problem, where in longer segments (I *think* this is what triggers it) I get the Trados "Index and length must refer to a location in the string" error message, a few characters in. This results in having to press Enter to OK the message, re-dictate the segment, and then go back and correct it, as there will be either an extra space or unwanted capital letter, where dictation was interrupted.

I have tested Dragon in other apps, and it works fine. I also use MemoQ and Across, both of which fare better. But Trados is my most used (and most favourite by far) tool.

I just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar? I am running SDL Trados Studio 2015 Freelance and DNS 13 on Windows 10, on a very fast and powerful Dell that experiences no performance issues anywhere else.

Grateful for all and any ideas!