Does anyone know whether Studio 2017 will offer Full Text Control for Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Looking at previous threads, I am encouraged to see that SDL are looking at improving compatibility with DNS and other programs that are designed to enhance accessibility. 

I see that there is a new version of Studio coming out soon, so it seems like a good time to ask again whether SDL is going to be implementing full compatibility of the editor with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. As others have pointed out, MemoQ and DejaVu have been fully compatible for some time and it is a little odd that Studio hasn't followed suit yet.

Does anyone know whether Trados Studio 2017 will offer full text control?

A description of full text control can be found here:

  • Hi Rob,

    I would say no. It's not a question of other tools have this so we should too as they probably got this without having to do anything at all. The technology we are using for the current editor does not support the hooks DNS is looking for to work out of the box with all the in built features available. So until we change the editor in Studio completely, which is not a trivial task, this probably won't work.

    I do think many DNS users work with a combination of speech and keyboard anyway, or use scripts which is something is so adept at handling. But I agree that it would be nice to see DNS work in Studio exactly as it does in MSWord for example without the need to accept some limitations or use the DNS dication window.


  • Hi, ,

    Has this been addressed in latest releases of Studio (Studio 2019 or Studio 2021)?

    It is of course a productivity issue for many but it is mainly an accessibility problem.


  • That is an interesting question -- not with respect to Studio 2019 or 2021, which don't offer full text control, and I doubt that the next versions will either.

    But I haven't tried the new cloud version of Studio yet (I am still cautious about installing Studio 2021).

    Did SDL design a new up-to-date user interface for the cloud version, instead of the decades-old interface on the regular version of Studio?

  • Hi Daniel,

    There hasn't been any work done to specifically address this issue as far as I know.  It's still exactly the same technology in the Studio editor as it's always been.

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    Hi Bruce,

    Did SDL design a new up-to-date user interface for the cloud version, instead of the decades-old interface on the regular version of Studio?

    Well... if it was actually possible to simply put the old interface directly into a browser we surely would have done it.  It might be old but it still carries significant advantages over anything possible with browser technology.

    However, it has of course been completely rebuilt from scratch.  How compatible it is with DNS in this regard... you should probably test yourself (which you could do if you had Trados Studio 2021), or perhaps someone like  could tell you what her experiences are using DNS in the browser environment.

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