Does anyone know whether Studio 2017 will offer Full Text Control for Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Looking at previous threads, I am encouraged to see that SDL are looking at improving compatibility with DNS and other programs that are designed to enhance accessibility. 

I see that there is a new version of Studio coming out soon, so it seems like a good time to ask again whether SDL is going to be implementing full compatibility of the editor with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. As others have pointed out, MemoQ and DejaVu have been fully compatible for some time and it is a little odd that Studio hasn't followed suit yet.

Does anyone know whether Trados Studio 2017 will offer full text control?

A description of full text control can be found here:

  • Hi Rob,

    I would say no. It's not a question of other tools have this so we should too as they probably got this without having to do anything at all. The technology we are using for the current editor does not support the hooks DNS is looking for to work out of the box with all the in built features available. So until we change the editor in Studio completely, which is not a trivial task, this probably won't work.

    I do think many DNS users work with a combination of speech and keyboard anyway, or use scripts which is something is so adept at handling. But I agree that it would be nice to see DNS work in Studio exactly as it does in MSWord for example without the need to accept some limitations or use the DNS dication window.


  • Thanks for your reply Paul.

    I agree that other software companies may have lucked into compatibility with DNS, but I can't help but wonder whether that is perhaps because they made the effort to make their products accessible from the design stage (as I understand it, the team behind MemoQ have worked together with Nuance to enhance usability within MemoQ). Surely that can only be seen as good practice and something that all companies should be doing as standard. I also note that it is not only DNS that cannot support dictation into Trados. Windows' own speech recognition facility is also unable to support dictation into Trados, which is inconvenient for those who cannot or who have difficulty typing into the Trados interface, whatever the reason for that might be. For me, as for many other people, it is down to a hand injury and it is merely an inconvenience rather than a significant impediment, but Trados Studio is now so good at so much of what it does and has so many useful plugins and add-ons that it seems a real shame for it to fall down here.

    I should also add that I am not really too concerned about using commands in Trados. Any commands I need to use in Trados I am more than happy to add using the command and scripting tools in Dragon. My only concern here is with dictation into the Trados interface. When I dictate using Dragon, I have 2 choices in Trados. I either use the dictation box in DNS, which prevents me from being able to use useful tools in Trados, such as web search, or I disable the dictation box in DNS for Trados and then I have difficulties with spacing and capitalisation, I cannot use Dragon to correct the text that I have dictated and not being able to correct in Dragon means that I lose the ability to use my corrections to improve Dragon's accuracy.

    I am fortunate because I also have DejaVu X2 and I can use this to dictate my translations using the sdlxliff file as a source file and the DVX2 interface to allow full text control, but it would be very much appreciated if I could just use Trados, it is my preferred translation tool after all...
  • Rob Edwards said:
    Also, do you think it may be possible for someone to develop a plug-in to allow Trados to work with DNS

    Believe me when I tell you we have looked at this many times... I would like nothing more than to be able to achieve this.  The problem also affects other speech technologies such as JAWS.  A tech partner for Freedom Scientific has found a way to do this with a plugin specifically for JAWS but the development effort is very high which means that without a significant opportunity for them, or us, to recoup the costs through additional sales this is unlikely to move forward.  I get the occasional request for this but once costs are mentioned it all goes very quiet!

    A plugin for DNS would have exactly the same problem.  The solution for us here is really different technology in the Studio Editor.



  • Thanks for your honesty about all this Paul. It's much appreciated.

    I have ordered an upgrade to 2017 and now I feel that I should not have done that, as I don't see any advantage for me in doing that. Is there any way that I can cancel this order, as the software hasn't been released yet?

    Many thanks for your continued help.
  • Hi Rob,

    It's disappointing that the only reason you would upgrade to 2017 would be for improved compatibility with DNS! I think this release is one of the best we have done with some significant enhancements over previous versions. However, drop me an email and I'll see what we can do.


  • Hi Paul,

    I have looked again at the new features and I think you're right. I am sure there is some way that I can make this work. Thanks for your help. :)
  • I am glad to hear that "work is ongoing to make this possible as part of a wider ranging change".

    Smartphones led the world into voice dictation and control, and this trend is only going to accelerate as more and more people get used to it.

    While you are contemplating changes to the user interface, please also make anything and everything possible using keyboard shortcuts. It would help with voice control.

    Bruce Campbell
    ASAP Language Services
  • Rob Edwards said:
    Thanks for your reply Paul.

    ...or I disable the dictation box in DNS for Trados and then I have difficulties with spacing and capitalisation, I cannot use Dragon to correct the text that I have dictated and not being able to correct in Dragon means that I lose the ability to use my corrections to improve Dragon's accuracy.

    Hi Rob,

    Can I ask what version of Dragon you're using? Spacing used to be an issue for me with DNS 12 and 13, but in DPI14 it has disappeared altogether. Capitalization (assuming you're thinking of capitalizing the first letter of a segment) has also been a non-issue for me since Studio 2015, thanks to the AutoCorrect options. Regarding accuracy, or the perceived accuracy improvements that Dragon can achieve by using the correction menu, I have recently learned that we're not really missing out on that much, as speech recognition experts have explained to me that Dragon's accuracy is better fine-tuned and improved by doing other things, such as having Dragon recognize custom documents or adding words to the vocabulary. Apparently, correcting misrecognitions doesn't play that big a role. Plus, the improved accuracy since DPI14 (or DPI15 if you dictate into one of the first supported languages) means that the out-of-the-box accuracy is so high, even with a new profile, that this is no longer a big issue in unsupported applications.

  • Hi Nora,

    I'm using DNS 15 now. Thanks for the information about correction, I didn't know that and it's good to know. The spacing and lack of capitalisation are a problem for me, but using the dictation box is less annoying than trying to get by without it, so that is what I use. Full text control would be ideal, but it sounds like that will come eventually, so it is just a case of waiting for that to happen...
  • That's interesting, Rob, I'm still on DPI14 as Spanish won't be out for a while. What kind of spacing issues are you seeing with DPI15? I don't use the dictation box at all, I dictate directly into Studio. I have posted a few examples on YouTube, such as this one:


    As for full text control, if and when it comes, it will certainly be welcome, but in the meantime, custom commands are a great way to get around it.

  • Hi Nora. The spacing issues are the same as other people have had I think. Basically if I move the cursor inside a segment and then return to a point where I want to start dictating again, I have a space missing and two words run into one another. It would be a problem I guess, but I am slowly getting used to using the dictation box and adding a few commands via the Tools menu and it seems to be going well so far. FTC is definitely something desirable, and I guess getting everything into .NET is probably worthwhile for the development team anyway, so it's just a matter of time.
  • Has this been sorted for Studio 2019? I.e. will DRagin Pro work in Studio 2019?
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