A suggested and untested method for converting InDesign files to MS Word via Studio

Some friends of mine had a problem, now solved: their publisher required a large manuscript to be converted from an InDesign file to Word. Both formats are supported by Studio.

Hence my suggestion:

1. The InDesign file should be input to a project (or as a single file) to Studio.

2. Disable all of Studio's automated-translation features (autotext and autosuggest, etc.), then

3. Open the file for translation in the Studio environment

4. All segments should be copied to the target segment.

5. Save the work as it stands.

6. Output to a review file, i.e. in table format. This file should be in Word format, and ought not to have any rogue characters.

7. Select the target column, copy it to a separate Word file,and convert table to text. Obviously, coloured cells should be reformatted, and the document spell-checked, with a particular eye for rogue characters.

I hope this unorthodox use of Studio will help people faced with the recurring and complex conundrum of format conversion from InDesign to Word. Obviously, the solution needs testing.

With kind regards,

Adam Warren.

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