About David Hardisty's translation method using speech recognition and MT in a CAT tool

Have you seen David Hardisty's video showing how he uses DNS and MT in memoQ? It's here:


I'm wondering how this method can be applied to Studio.

Main points include:
1. Having the MT suggestion in the translation results window, not in the target segment. How can this be achieved in Studio? One way is to copy source to target when pre-translating, and then use MT while translating - then the results are not inserted into the target. But is there a way to keep the target segment blank while viewing MT/TM results in the results window?

2. Using DNS commands in the CAT tool - is there any progress on this for Studio?

3. For reviewing translations, having a blank target segment, and the translation to be edited in the translation results window (in memoQ, this is achieved using LiveDocs). The translator then uses DNS to dictate the edited translation into the target segment. Is this possible in Studio?

And do you have any other thoughts on how this kind of method could be used in/adapted to Studio?

Thanks and regards