Tooltip text

There are a few points in the program where information  is only available in ToolTips. Because blind users and other users who do not use a mouse cannot call up this tooltip text,  it is completely inaccessible to them.

The most prominent example of this is the translation segment information, and in particular the warning information  that appears when you run the mouse over the column between the  source and target segments. This information is only presented in the form of icons until the tooltip is displayed. Screen readers have no access to the text information contained in the tooltip. Even using my magnifier, the tooltip is useless to me,  because the information that I particularly wish to see (the reason why I have received an error or warning) is displayed outside of my magnifier,  and if I move the mouse down to read it,  it disappears. If I attempt to leave it on screen and use a physical hand magnifier to read it, it disappears after a few seconds  before I have had a chance to locate it.

There is no other way of obtaining this information apart from performing a verification run at the end of every translation, and even then, correction requires mouse intervention.