Demo: Document History

Document History is a paid add-on for the Draft Space SME authoring environment. It provides a detailed view of changes in a DITA topic: who changed what exactly, and when they changed it. This granular view gives confidence to authoring teams who need full visibility on the various inputs to their high-value content.

Key points:
• The modest extra cost makes this a no-brainer for most organizations. They should get this if they want the full Collective Spaces capabilities.
• If enabled, it is available for all Draft Space users within an organization's Tridion Docs environment.
• It is not an at-a-glance Track Changes view but rather a separate mode, for authors in Draft Space, that gives you details of each change.
• It’s for changes within the current version, and you can choose the timeline within that.
• It’s a read-only view, but a button on each change lets you jump back in the editor with the cursor positioned at that point.

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