• Cannot download TexTra app

    I've been trying to download TexTra app for JA-EN translation support. 

    I'm using SDL Trados Studio 2014 Professional (Network SN)  with Windows 10 machine.

    Everytime I try to download, the message appears "You have logged in successfully, however…

  • #YourProductivity app


    I found this app in the AppStore and installed it, but it won't launch, and also I don't know how to locate it in Studio.

    Also, I saw in the images that it asks you to grant permission to post in Twitter, what happens if I don't have a Twitter…

  • RE: Pub2Xml app (pub2xml.ui.exe) not a valid Win32 app?


    Are these translators aware of the fact that Windows XP is meanwhile not only an unsupported, but also an insecure operating system, which should not be used anymore?

  • App installation

    I have upgraded to 2019, but still have 2014 and 2017. On downloading the follow app in its version for 2019: Sdl.MSGrammarChecker.Extended it saves on my computer as .txt file. If I double click on it, it just opens as a txt file. I cannot download into…

  • App Notifications…

    In the years that the SDL AppStore has been around I get asked one question on a fairly regular basis… “How can I find out about new apps or updates to existing apps?”.  A very reasonable question of course and one that has not been addressed particularly…
  • Featured apps

    How an app can be added to the list of featured apps?
    Thank you in advance for your answer,

  • Installation of an app



    I have Studio 2015 SR2 version.

    I am trying to install an app (grammar check) for the first time.

    I downloaded and run it.

    But, I cannot go beyond the first page that displays the terms and conditions.

    There should be buttons for 'OK', 'Next', 'Continue…

  • TermExcelerator app

    I have just downloaded the TermExcelerator app - the download was successful - but how do I access it from Trados? I don't see it listed under "plug-ins". Any ideas? Thanks.

  • App installation

    I am trying to install some Apps on Trados 2017 on my Laptop. Have managed to install on my desktop ok, but now when I double click on the downloaded app it does not seem to install. TIA for any input

    Clifford Marcus

  • Retro apps…

    SDL Trados Studio is up to Studio 2017 which is the fifth major version since Studio 2009 was first released some eight years ago now.  During these eight years I think it’s fair to say we have seen less and less requirement for the old Trados features…