• Alignment app

    Hi all,

    It was mentioned on the roadshow, that there is an alignment app in the app store. Does anyone know the name?

  • App installation

    I am trying to install some Apps on Trados 2017 on my Laptop. Have managed to install on my desktop ok, but now when I double click on the downloaded app it does not seem to install. TIA for any input

    Clifford Marcus

  • Retro apps…

    SDL Trados Studio is up to Studio 2017 which is the fifth major version since Studio 2009 was first released some eight years ago now.  During these eight years I think it’s fair to say we have seen less and less requirement for the old Trados features…
  • Unable to send a review for an app in the AppStore

    Actually, this is a bug. A client of my app (IATE Language Pairs) wants to write a review of the app, but when she tries to send her review, she gets the message that the rating exists already, and she should use modify the rating. However, she certainly…

  • Cannot download TexTra app

    I've been trying to download TexTra app for JA-EN translation support. 

    I'm using SDL Trados Studio 2014 Professional (Network SN)  with Windows 10 machine.

    Everytime I try to download, the message appears "You have logged in successfully, however…

  • RE: How to export Document Structure Information or display its "Additional Information" directly in Studio Editor view?

    Hello ,

    When this thread was origially started, we didnt have an app for dispalying the DSI and Paul was i believe suggesting there was room to develop one only.

    However we now have the new DSI app on the SDL App Store


  • Excel4GroupShare app download failed

    I tried a couple of times to download the Excel4GroupShare app but always returns this message.

    Even though I have the product on my account, I can't download it.
    Is there an alternative way?

    Download App Download not available You have logged in successfully…

  • RE: HTML code within HTML attribute - legal?

    You could use the "SDL Data Protection" app for this as it is simple to tag up these elements in the sdlxliff after the project has been created.  Or the "CleanUp Tasks" app... similar process but in my opinion it's easier in the …