Sharing Tridion content with Third party application

We are working on couple of new websites using SDL Web 8.5 (Entire team is new to SDL Web 8.5 architecture) during development phase client requested us to make a provision to share published content with their vendor applications, or Intranet applications (which are currently not built using SDL Tridion). So the question is , 1) Can we use discovery services to share the published content? ( in 2013 we had oData but not sure something similar to that is present in Web 8.5) 2) Can we use CIL or DXA to share the content?

What we are thinking of is to build a custom API's/rest services using CIL/DXA and share the content in xml format, but not sure if that is the best approach. In SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 we used to share it using oData.