Joining the Community!

Since the start of the SDL Tridion User Group Benelux, we have been privilege to be able organize user group meetups with a wide variety of implementation partners of SDL both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Community is our core and we have an awesome community of partners, customers and freelancers who actively attend meetings.

LinkedIn was the logical place for us to gather the group but LinkedIn has missing features which we need to effectively share and manage the events. With the new community site from SDL, we are able to have a more complete feature set (galleries, event sign up for example) and to contribute to SDL’s initiative to have a broader and easier access community.

So we have taken the decision to relocate our main base of our user group to SDL Community. The LinkedIn group will be kept for the foreseeable future and all events will be cross posted to Linked In so we reach the widest audience for our humble user group.

I look forward to a continued future of fantastic events and hope that our partners and customers will continue to support the user group with their sponsorship, ideas and knowledge!