• 15 Feb 2017


    What a horrible name… lurkers !  It carries all kinds of negative connotations from science fiction monsters to the stuff of nightmares where we think of spying and being followed by something or someone we don’t like.  Of course I’m not using this term in these contexts so I better explain.  I’m talking about communities and user participation, or more specifically about users who read and observe...
    • 1 Feb 2017

    The beauty of simplicity…

    In 2013 I wrote an article called “ Solving the Post-Edit Puzzle ” which was all about finding a way to measure, and pay for post-editing translations in a consistent way.  Then in 2015 I wrote another called “ Qualitivity… measuring quality and productivity ” that was all about everything Post-Edit Compare could do but then added many layers of detail and complexity through Qualitivity to...
    • 26 Jan 2017

    Our top 5 translation resources of 2016

    2016 was a big year for the translation industry, with new technology and trends coming to the forefront of the industry. To help you keep up to date with these […] The post Our top 5 translation resources of 2016 appeared first on Trados Blog ...read more
    • 23 Jan 2017

    Translation and localization events to attend in 2017

    I can’t quite believe we are over halfway through the first month of 2017 already. It also means that translation event season is beginning to get underway once again. With […] The post Translation and localization events to attend in 2017 ...read more
    • 22 Jan 2017

    The fantastic four…

    Not Marvel Comics, but rather the number four which does have some pretty interesting properties.  It’s the only cardinal number in the English language to have the same number of letters as its value; in Buddhism there are four noble truths; in Harry Potter there are four Houses of Hogwarts; humans have four canines and four wisdom teeth; in chemistry there are four basic states of matter… but more importantly...
    • 20 Jan 2017

    SDL AppStore’s top 10 apps of 2016 that you should try today

    It’s been yet another fantastic and interesting year for SDL AppStore – SDL’s unique translation app store and development platform; that allows users to customise and extend the capabilities of […] The post SDL AppStore’s top 10 apps of ...read more
    • 14 Jan 2017

    Revisiting the toolkit…

    It’s been a while since I wrote anything about the SDLXLIFF Toolkit .. in fact I haven’t done since it was first released with the 2014 version of Studio.  Now that we have added a few new things such as SDLPLUGINS so that apps are better integrated and can be more easily distributed with Studio we have launched a new version of the toolkit for Studio 2017.  What’s new?  To be honest not a lot, but there...
    • 11 Jan 2017

    10 business, career and lifestyle tips for translators in 2017

    The turn of the year is often a point of reflection for many people. “What are my goals this year? What do I want to achieve?” These questions and deliberations […] The post 10 business, career and lifestyle tips for translators in ...read more
    • 27 Dec 2016

    All that glitters is not gold…

    Years ago, when I was still in the Army, there was a saying that we used to live by for routine inspections.  “If it looks right, it is right”… or perhaps more fittingly “bullshit baffles brains”.  These were really all about making sure that you knew what had to be addressed in order to satisfy an often trivial inspection, and to a large extent this approach worked as long as nobody dug...
    • 19 Dec 2016

    COTI… chuckling on the inside

    Probably you’re all far more educated than me and when you read COTI you probably didn’t think “chuckling on the inside” did you?  I googled it and looked at four acronym websites, none of which found the correct definition… but two of them returned the title of this article so it must be right!!  Oh how I wish it was… just to bring a little levity to the ever so serious tasks of interoperability...
    • 17 Dec 2016

    Getting a filetype preview…

    One of my favourite features in Studio 2017 is the filetype preview.  The time it can save when you are creating custom filetypes comes from the fun in using it.  I can fill out all the rules and switch between the preview and the rules editor without having to continually close the options, open the file, see if it worked and then close the file and go back to your options again… then repeat from the start…...
    • 24 Nov 2016

    upLIFT Fuzzy Repair in SDL Trados Studio 2017: Transformational TM technology

    We’ve all had that moment in conversation where you just can’t think of the right word mid-sentence. Internally at SDL we joke that this is a verbal ‘fuzzy match’, when […] The post upLIFT Fuzzy Repair in SDL Trados Studio 2017: Transformational ...read more
    • 22 Nov 2016

    upLIFT Fragment Recall in SDL Trados Studio 2017: Transformational TM technology

    At our first SDL Trados Roadshow in Oslo I was reminded of the quote “you don’t know what you don’t know, until you know it”. Our Translation Technology Insights (TTI) […] The post upLIFT Fragment Recall in SDL Trados Studio 2017: Transformational ...read more
    • 21 Nov 2016

    Bridging the divide… merging segments

    Ever since Trados came about one of the most requested features for translators has been merging across hard returns, or paragraph breaks.  Certainly for handling the translation it makes a lot of sense to be able to merge fragments of a sentence that should clearly be in one, but despite this it’s never been possible.  Why is this?  You can be sure this question has come up every year and whilst everyone agrees...
    • 17 Nov 2016

    More power to the elbow… upLIFT

    “More power to the elbow”… this is all about getting more from the resources you have already got, and in this case I’m talking about your Translation Memories.  In particular I’m talking about enabling them for upLIFT.  upLIFT, in case you have not heard about this yet despite all the marketing activity and forum discussions since August this year, is a technology that is being used in SDL...
    • 16 Nov 2016

    SDL Trados Studio 2017 – Designed to make the difference

    SDL Trados Studio 2017 is here! I am extremely pleased to be writing this blog announcing the launch of the latest version of the industry’s most popular translation software. In […] The post SDL Trados Studio 2017 – Designed to make the difference appeared first on SDL Language Translation & Content Management Blog .
    • 7 Nov 2016

    Target Wordcounts…

    CAT tools typically calculate wordcounts based on the source material.  The reason of course is because this way you can give your clients an idea of the cost before you start the work… which of course seems a sensible approach as you need to base your estimate on something.  You can estimate the target wordcount by applying an expansion factor to the source words, and this is a principle we see with pseudotranslate...
    • 7 Nov 2016

    16 translation tips for 2017 from speakers at #ata57

    Wow, what an amazing 4 days in San Francisco. ATA 57 was officially the biggest event so far, with over 1800 attendees enjoying sessions, a Tweetup, networking, photobooths and much more. […] The post 16 translation tips for 2017 from speakers ...read more
    • 3 Nov 2016

    [Live Blog] The latest for ATA 57 in San Francisco

    We’re live at ATA 57 in San Francisco with 1800 translators and interpreters. Follow our live blog for the latest updates, sessions and selfies. Join the conversation at ATA 57 […] The post [Live Blog] The latest for ATA 57 in San Francisco ...read more
    • 27 Oct 2016

    5 things to do at #ata57 in San Francisco

    I can’t quite believe it’s already been a year since ATA 56 in Miami, but here we are, one week away from another exciting event with over 1800 translation professionals. […] The post 5 things to do at #ata57 in San Francisco appeared first on ...read more
    • 25 Oct 2016

    Be ready to switch to SDL Trados Studio 2017 with the Studio Migration Utility tool

    The release of SDL Trados Studio 2017 is just around the corner and I’m excited that our users will get to experience the latest innovations in translation technology very soon. […] The post Be ready to switch to SDL Trados Studio 2017 with the ...read more
    • 18 Oct 2016

    What does the future hold for translation productivity technology?

    Our Translation Technology Insights (TTI) research revealed over 72% of respondents believe they would lose their competitive advantage without translation productivity tools, which is why it is so important for […] The post What does the future ...read more
    • 16 Oct 2016

    square pegs in round holes…

    It’s all about the termbase definition when you want to merge termbases, or import data into MultiTerm termbases.  The XDT… otherwise known as the MultiTerm Termbase Definition file is the key to being able to ensure you are not trying to knock square pegs into round holes!  I’ve written in the past about the flexibility of MultiTerm and it’s this flexibility that can make it tricky for new users...
    • 14 Oct 2016

    Meet Sandra Koch, Senior Marketing Event Executive

    Meet some of our staff from SDL’s many office locations around the world and pick up some top tips along the way. A little bit about you… What is your […] The post Meet Sandra Koch, Senior Marketing Event Executive appeared first on SDL ...read more
    • 2 Oct 2016

    Being smart about a Studio Package…

    Everyone knows, I think, that an SDL Trados Studio package (*.sdlppx) is just a zip file containing all the files that are needed to allow you to create your Studio project with all the settings your customer intended.  At least it’ll work this way if you use Studio to open the package… quite a few other translation tools these days can open a package and extract the files inside to use but not a single one...