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You've made it to the SDL Community Forums, or at least you're in one of them. If you look above this message it should tell you which Forum you are in. We have forums available for all the Translation Productivity products as well as a couple of special interest forums that might be useful too. If you don't think you're in the right place just go back via this link to the Forums.

If you're in the right place you can just type the title of your question below and you'll be taken to a full form to complete the detail where you can use rich formatting, images and video to make your point. Just one small thing... if you add images try to keep them sensibly sized so they don't fill up the whole screen for anyone reading the post. You can change the size when you add it. Otherwise, have fun and if you have any feedback on how we can improve this community drop a post into the General Forum and let us know!

One more thing... when you post a question you can choose Discussion or Question. If you choose Question then they can be marked as having a suggested or verified answer. This is very helpful for people searching for a response befor posting themselves, so be sure to select the right one. And if you are answering a question make sure you tick the box suggested answer before you post it as this helps users to filter correctly too.

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Make sure you have a play with the filter capability immediately below this message.  In here you can narrow down the information being showin in the list.  So if you love answering questions to help other users you can filter on unanswered, if you just want to see solutions you can filter on answered... 

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