MT Enhanced Plugin for Trados Studio 2014 -- version problem

@ Patrick Porter:

MT Enhanced Plugin 1.2.3 is not working for Studio 2014, installation failed.

MT Enhanced Plugin 1.5 cannot be downloaded for Studio 2014, but for 2015 and 2017 only.

Any solution?

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  • Hello Holger,

    Patrick no longer maintains this plugin as he moved on to do other things in his career.  However, he open sourced the plugin and we picked it up to support the supported versions of Studio and we also updated it to support the new features offered by Microsoft.

    So if you are having problems with this in 2014 then I'm afraid you're out of luck unless you do one of the following:

    1. Upgrade to Studio 2017 and use the new version, or
    2. Take a look at the source code (if you have access to a developer) and make it available for 2014, or
    3. Tell us what happens when you say installation failed... maybe we can help with that?

    You'll find the sourcecode from Patrick here:

    And the sourcecode from our community developers here: