• 27 Nov 2017

    Uploading customization package to SDL WorldServer using Java

    In this article, I present a solution for uploading a customization package (zip file containing a desc.xml) using a Java method. Click here to view the upload customization method code The method takes three parameters: wsBaseUrl token customizationFile The wsBaseUrl must be the <serverURL>:<portnumber> where your WorldServer instance is running. The second parameter is a security token, which can be retrieved by using the SDL WorldServer REST API as explained here...
    • 27 Nov 2017

    Connecting to SDL WorldServer using the /login REST API call

    It is now possible to connect to SDL WorldServer and perform a number of actions by using the WorldServer REST API. The REST API documentation is available from your WorldServer instance by accessing <serverURL>:<portnumber>/ws-api/docs/ws-api-doc-v1.html. In this article I present a method for connecting to SDL WorldServer and fetching a security token to be used in all subsequent API calls. Click here to view the login method code The method takes three parameters: wsBaseUrl...
    • 12 Jun 2017

    Building a Custom Servlet for SDL WorldServer

    SDL WorldServer allows customers to expand WorldServer capabilities through pluggable components. There are several exit points in WorldServer through which custom code can be invoked to perform customer-specific operations. Here are the types of pluggable components currently supported: AIS Triggers : AIS stands for Asset Interface System and is the framework WorldServer uses to access content whether that content is in a content management system, a file system, a database, etc. Through a customized...
    • 8 Mar 2017

    Options to extend and customize Trados Studio

    I'm absolutely sure that Trados Studio is the most customizable product on the market. To me this a no brainer; all you have to do is to go to the SDL AppStore and have a look at the number of plugins and applications that are available. And that is not all, because there are at least the same number of customizations carried out which are not published on the store because they are built to f...
    • 30 Sep 2016

    SDL Studio plugin dependencies cleanup

    I decided to write this article after I got a question on my last blog article, SDL Studio plugin manifest , about an issue with files that are overridden during an SDL Studio plugin build. Although this issue is quite specific I received questions with similar situations from other people and the root cause of this problem is related to how you manage SDL Studio plugin dependencies, or, in other w...
    • 23 Sep 2016

    SDL Studio plugin manifest

    This week I reached two years since I joined SDL as a developer evangelist . Stay relaxed, this article is not a retrospective of this period. However it is a milestone and as part of my own reflection over this interval of time I also looked at the blog articles I've written. Besides the fact that I could have done better in terms of how many articles I've written, I quickly realized that I didn't talk clearly enough about the SDL Studio plugin manifest file. This is an important part...
    • 18 Sep 2016

    Blog 2.0

    It's been a while since I've written my last article and if you've been on my blog before you will probably notice that it has new look. I was absolutely fine with the previous design and I didn't had any intention to change it but this came as a side effect of changing my blogging platform. If you followed my blog you probably knew I was using Github Pages and that worked great for me until it didn't. This article will talk more about why I moved from Github Pages but if you...
    • 9 Mar 2016

    How to create a new segment using Studio File Type Framework

    Until I started to work in the translation industry I lived with the impression that the translation of a certain content is just a mater of knowing the right languages. I never realized that when you translate something everyone expects the results to look and feel identical just with the text in another language. For example you expect to have the same headings, fonts, colors, paragraphs and so on. In my humble opinion I think this is one of the reasons (not the only one) why CAT tools should be...
    • 9 Mar 2016

    Protected: TM-Town Beta Testing – private comments page

    This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: ...read more
    • 22 Feb 2016

    True interactive translation prediction (ITP) in your CAT tool

    This video is a demo of a prototype project developed for true adaptive machine translation suggestions, as you type. ...read more
    • 21 Feb 2016

    SDL Studio Public API

    I love writing code, something I’ve probably said before in other articles. Writing code means dealing with all sorts of API's all day long, starting from your development platform, in my case Micrososft .Net , to different applications or platform API's. In my humble opinion, in today's world it's all about API's and if I were deciding to buy a piece of software for a company I wouldn't consider any that didn't come with some sort of development experience. I might not...
    • 11 Feb 2016

    First 2016 ITCamp community event

    We are already mid February 2016 and the IT events in Cluj are pilling up big time. This is going to be a really busy spring and of course really interesting. To name, chronologically, just a few of which I'm aware Hellojs , Codecamp , Devtalks , Romanian Testing Conference , Techsylvania and ITCamp . I won't be too surprised if I missed one or two ... . Surprisingly most of them are in may so till then I suggest to warm-up a bit with the first 2016 edtion of ITCamp community event which...
    • 31 Jan 2016

    About SDL Studio SDK

    This is the 5th part of the OpenExchange: Age of Developers series. In the previous articles I talked about how to configure your development environment and also gave some suggestion on how you can start the development for OpenExchange store. One of the steps from the development environment setup was to install the SDL Studio SDK and I think it's worth talking about it in a bit more detail. Age of developers - table of contents As I release parts of this series I will update this...
    • 6 Jan 2016

    SDL Plugin Installer error – Where are the buttons?

    If you don’t see any buttons in the form when installing a plugin to SDL Trados Studio (as the image above), then the quick fix is to temporarily change your Windows screen resolution settings to 100% DPI for fonts and icons, install the plugin ...read more
    • 15 Nov 2015

    Introducing GroupShareKit

    I love small and simple things that help me be more productive with my work. This is the main reasons why some time ago I started to work on GroupShareKit and I'm now happy to say that this is now available for everyone to use it as they like. Not only that you can use it but is completely open source. What is GroupShareKit? GroupShareKit is a client library targeting .NET 4.5 and above that provides an easy way to interact with GroupShare Rest API . This library will greatly simplify...
    • 14 Nov 2015

    Setting up build automation for .Net open source projects

    In the last weeks I worked on a .net client library for SDL Studio GroupShare . This new client library is open source and meant to simplify developers work in terms of consuming resources available in GroupShare, but more about this on a future article. As I was coming closer to make a new release of this library I was thinking that it would make perfect sense to automate the build. There are many reasons to do that but for me the most important one was to have a painless mechanism to verify contribution...
    • 29 Oct 2015

    GroupShare custom authentication provider

    GroupShare is a collaboration platform for translation teams that is helping streamline translation processes, reduce coordination efforts and offer a secure access to all in-house and external resources. I'm not going to get into details about GroupShare but if you want to know more have a look here . Since GroupShare is a collaboration platform it implies that there are ways to create and manage users. Out of the box GroupShare allows 2 types of users to be defined. One is the SDL type for...
    • 21 Oct 2015

    How I learned to stop worrying and love machine translation

    From a translators’ discussion forum : After translating for over ten years it has come to my attention that the automated machine translations are gaining in popularity with big companies. An agent from an agency I work with recently told me ...read more
    • 17 Oct 2015

    TriKonf 2015 – Who ever said translators don’t like new technology?

    Last week I attended TriKonf 2015 in Freiburg, Germany, which offered an excellent program on the use of technology by translators. I had been tentatively planning on attending since the conference was announced, and ultimately it seemed just too interesting ...read more
    • 9 Oct 2015

    OpenExchange:Where do I start?

    This is the 4th part of the OpenExchange: Age of Developers series and is meant to provide information about places you can use to learn the API's to build applications for OpenExchange store. Age of developers - table of contents As I release parts of this series I will update this page with links to the articles. Introduction I’m a translator do I need to write code? I’m a developer, why bother with translation industry? Configure OpenExchange development environment...
    • 5 Oct 2015

    Studio API Training Day

    By this time some of you are already aware of my Age of Developers initiative. This initiative is meant to help everyone which would like to build applications for OpenExchange store or integrate SDL language products in their organization. Another way to learn develop applications for OpenExchange store is by going to a training. Now I have to say this is not something that happens regularly but if there is enough demand it can be arranged. For example last month we had an opportunity for a one...
    • 27 Aug 2015


    A few months back during a brainstorm session me an and Paul Filkin where playing with some ideas on how we could help translators improve their productivity. It was clear from the beginning that we need to provide some metrics that will help translators understand how they are performing but we also wanted to make it in a fun way. We ended with a few ideas which we then refined with sales and marketing teams from SDL and started the work. I'm happy to say that you can now see the results on...
    • 25 Aug 2015

    Configure OpenExchange development environment

    This is the third part of the OpenExchange: Age of Developers series and is meant to provide guideline on how to setup the development environment for OpenExchange. Age of developers - table of contents As I release parts of this series I will update this page with links to the articles. Introduction I’m a translator do I need to write code? I’m a developer, why bother with translation industry? Configure OpenExchange development environment First things first ...
    • 14 Aug 2015

    How important is it for a translator to be a native-speaker of the target language?

    This question, long and often debated in translators’ circles, sparked a thread on Proz this week. As prickly topics like this tend to do, it resulted in a long string of replies, counter-replies, detours, anecdotes, opinions, fallacies, etc. ...read more
    • 8 Aug 2015

    MT Enhanced Trados Plugin is now open source

    As of today, my MT Enhanced Trados Plugin is no longer really “my” plugin. It belongs to everyone now…(sort of). I retain the copyright, but the license is Apache 2.0, so feel free to do whatever you want with it, including commercial ...read more