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  • Send an automated reminder for ICR

    • Under Community Review on 24 Aug 2018
    Our client Apollo Vredestein has repeatedly requested to send a reminder to their in-country reviewers 2 days before the set deadline. In TMS I have the functionality to create a Project for a particular job and set a deadline per work flow step as well...
    • 24 Aug 2018 7:52 AM
  • Download Custom Reports from Managed Translation

    • Under Community Review on 3 Jul 2018
    Hi, It would be great if we could let clients download custom reports from Managed Translation. At the moment, if clients need a custom report, we still need to give them access to TMS or have PJMs download the custom report for them. Having everything...
    • 3 Apr 2018 1:06 PM
  • Final Sign Off on final file

    • Under Community Review on 10 Apr 2018
    Hi, SDL Managed Translation currently does support Final Sign Off, but final Sign Off is done on the bilingual interface. Most of our clients want to do final sign off on the final files. It would be great if Managed Translation could provide a mechanism...
    • 3 Apr 2018 1:03 PM
  • Mark reviewed segments with a different color

    • Under Community Review on 9 Oct 2018
    Hi, Currently when a segment is reviewed, a user presses enter and the segment gets confirmed, which is the same status as segments translated by translators. I think it would be great if we could distinguish the segments being translated by translators...
    • 30 Mar 2018 12:33 PM
  • Postprocessed work delivery back via Mantra

    • In Progress on 26 Feb 2020
    Basically, all jobs the client is sending via Mantra, they would like to receive back via Mantra. But for clients that we do postprocessing work (DTP/Engineering) we take the files offline - make ouptut that is agreed with the client - and the only...
    • 19 Aug 2019 2:07 PM
  • Approval on final country files – final sign off

    • Under Community Review on 10 Apr 2018
    We would like to do final sign off by our client reviewers on the final DTP-ed country files (mostly 14 country files). It would be great if Managed Translation could provide a mechanism to easily transfer (comment enabled) PDFs to client reviewers...
    • 10 Apr 2018 7:10 AM
  • Provide a tab for sharing Excel-format Query Logs

    • Under Community Review on 20 Jul 2018
    We manage our queries via Excel sheets which are currently distributed via e-mail. (Professional query management databases have proved to be not user-friendly and sophisticated enough.) It would be great to have access to the query logs via the Mantra...
    • 9 Mar 2018 2:12 PM
  • Language Cloud Task Status Detail

    • Idea Delivered Partially on 2 Sep 2019
    Hi, When clicking in Full project details in LC, only two status are currently shown: "In translation" and "For Download". Would it be possible to track status more in detail for example "Review", Implementation of Review Comments" with an indication...
    • 22 Mar 2017 12:40 PM
  • Notify Language Cloud users of holidays occurring between today and the due date selected for the project, for the selected langauges

    • Under Community Review on 4 Dec 2018
    Issue: User submits project in Language Cloud and doesn't know about upcoming holidays. Suggestion: Load holidays into Language Cloud. Allow LC to notify project requester/creator that between today, when the project is created and the requested due...
    • 23 Oct 2017 9:12 PM
  • Enter a date range older than the last 12 months when Exporting My Data

    • New on 2 Apr 2020
    It is nice to have the data range but for some clients they would like to run statistics older than the last 12 months. Some client have different financial year start and end dates. i.e 1st August until 31st July . I would be great if at least the data...
    • 2 Apr 2020 11:54 AM