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    • 18 Oct 2018 6:54 PM

    XML needs a better way to enter the equivalent of a [SHIFT][RETURN]

    • New
    XPP users know that there is a way to split a title in 2 lines and still have that same text come out in 1 line when it is called out in a folio. You can do so by entering a [SHIFT][RETURN] and setting the appropriate quad mode. But do you know how...
    • 18 Oct 2018 12:53 PM

    Pathfinder: Job and Div delete need confirmation before deletion

    • New
    In pathfinder you can delete a division and even a whole job (including all divisions) with a single right mouse click + delete. This gets executed immediately. No questions asked. There should be an additional confirmation that asks you that this...
    • 25 Sep 2018 2:22 PM

    Named text registers

    • Under Community Review
    We currently have name number registers which is making things a lot easier for the style developer. It would be great to have also named text registers. I know I have been asking this before but that request was bundled with the request to be able...
    • 24 Sep 2018 1:11 AM

    XPP Documentation - requesting a single zip of all latest manuals

    • Under Community Review
    It seems that XPP documentation is only available as individual PDFs that can be downloaded one by one OR as a single zip file containing all the PDFs. However that single zip archive contains only the PDF documents that were available " on...
    • 24 Sep 2018 1:10 AM

    MathML 3.0 support

    • Under Community Review
    As the MathML 3.0 2nd Edition has been released since 2014, and users start using the latest Math editors to create and format the math expressions, the support of the latest MathML 3.0 is desired.
    • 25 Sep 2018 2:25 PM

    XPP Web Services API: new XppGraphic method to determine graphics Library Path

    • Idea Delivered
    It would be useful to be able to supply a graphics Library Name to an XppGraphic method that would then return the graphics Library Path. The putGraphic and putGraphicAsAttachment methods are already placing files in the graphics Library Path folder...
    • 15 Aug 2018 2:31 PM

    Direct PDF: add option to create pdf with bookmark and links only

    • Under Community Review
    • 1 Comment
    In the PDF/UA effort CSS properties for creating bookmarks and links. This makes creating bookmarks and links a lot easier than through the old pdfmarks. Unfortunately you can only create a pdf with those bookmarks and links active when using the -pdfua...
    • 11 Jul 2018 2:50 PM

    More options for Sessions Saved in Job Ticket

    • Under Community Review
    Hello, As an operator that likes to store/stay every so often while editing, I would like the ability to define a custom number of Sessions Saved. The current options either capture all sessions (resulting in performance hits when copying a job forward...
    • 11 Jul 2018 2:52 PM

    Getting contextual manual from Pathfinder without using mouse

    • Under Community Review
    Hi there, here is an idea from our team which they wish to have it in order to greatly improve the working process in pathfinder. For our operator, we're trying not to use mouse that much because switching between keyboard and mouse will take extra...
    • 16 May 2018 3:36 PM

    Perl text capture with traces - import

    • Not Considering
    Currently, its possible to use the 'suppress' field and 't' options of the /Pb macro to capture text and pass to Perl. The 't' allows trace information to be sent to Perl as well. However, when sending data back to XPP the trace...