Getting translated text segments from TranslationUnit

How can I get the translated text segments from a TranslationMemory's TranslationUnits that I am fetching using GroupShareKit?


What we need:

A way to list actual translated text segments, by exposing them via an API method. 


What we currently have: 

Using the SDL GroupShareKit, we can make a call to the /api/tmservice/tms/{tmId}/tus. This returns a list of TranslationUnits, but none of them actually contain any actual translated text.

This is the object I get in Visual Studio Debug, as a result of the API call:


I cannot find the translated text anywhere in the object.

This is the output of a postman call to: /api/tmservice/tms/348c5fdc-5c63-461b-932a-38d744213c3b/tus?source=de-ch&target=en-gb&startTuId=0&count=5



Is this even possible? Can you get actual text from a TU? If not, how would we need to go about solving this problem?

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  • Would you be able to try get tu with iterator endpoint and let me know if this is returning the tu text? This is not yet available on GS Kit. Before adding it I would like to know if this is returning the data you're looking for.

  • In reply to Romulus Crisan:

    We were not able to get results with the iterator endpoint, but we succeeded by extending the Translation Memory class. The translated segments were returned by the API, but not parsed through the actual GroupShareKit code (as you can see from the postman call and the debug output from the code). By extending the class, we managed to get the GroupShareKit to parse the data from the API, and pass it into our application.