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How to overwrite existing MT translations in target segment when run MT plugin


Hope I raise the question in right place.

I designed a customized MT plugin refer to the sdk of plugin, it works well.

But I want to know is it possible to overwrite existing MT in target segments when call another MT engine by the plugin. I mean I receive one file which has contains MT in target segments, but I want to apply MT again with my own MT engine to overwrite existing MT translations in this file.

I tried serval times, but it seems existing MT can't be overwritten.  Any idea is much appreciate.

I know if I clear all existing MT first, then apply MT by my own engine, it works, but I want to add option my plugin (Overwrite existing MT) to control this instead of clear them manually.

Thanks in advance.


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2 Replies

  • And more info, I write logs in my plugin to record if source for existing MT segment will be sent to my own MT engine and return corresponding new MT translation from my own MT engine, yes, it does, that is why I am confused why existing MT target can't be overwritten by the new MT translation.
  • Also curious... any updates?