Unable to publish FileBasedProject with windows username+password authentication


I'm happy to see that I can already authenticate with windows username+password when creating a new instance of TranslationProviderServer(). I can read TMs, add them to the project etc. (Here I specify: useWindowsAuthentication=false)

However, it seems, that using the same credentials, I cannot publish the project to a GS 2017 server like:

var result = project.PublishProject(new Uri(server), useWindowsAuthentication = false, windowsUserName, windowsPassword, targetOrganization, (sender, args) => { });

I keep getting an "Authentication failed" error. If I use a non-windows SDL account, then it works. But not with a windows account.

(using useWindowsAuthentication=true I get "value cannot be null")

Can you please help? Is this supported at all? I remember that in the old times, TranslationProviderServer didn't work with explicit windows credentials either. But it seems to work now. That's why I was hoping that publishing also works.

I have Studio 2017 SR1 14.1.10011.20356, and GS: 14.2.7902.0 - SR1.



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  • I believe if you want to use windows username and password, then it should be useWindowsAuthentication = true. But, even with useWindowsAuthentication = true, I am having similar issue with projects. Have you received any solution, yet?

  • Hello

    I am currently investigating this issue. As soon as it will be done, I will come back with an answer.

    With kind regards,
    Florentina-Lucia Caputa.

  • Hello  ,

    I did some investigation and I was able to reproduce the issue also on my side, it seems that the problem comes from Studio, so I announced the Studio team regarding this error. Unfortunately, in this moment there is no workaround for this issue until it will be fixed in the API.

    With kind regards,
    Florentina-Lucia Caputa