Custom authenticated user unable to access project files at a certain depth of sub-organisation

We've recently noticed the following problem:

  1. Create a project and publish to GroupShare
    1. the host organisation is Root Organization \ Projects \ [a number]
    2. the host organisation is dynamically created (via the GroupShare REST API) for each project
  2. Assign a user to this organisation via the GroupShare REST API
  3. The user opens the project in Trados, checks out the file and can work with it
  4. Create a second project and publish it to GroupShare (in its own organisation)
  5. Assign the same user to this new organisation
  6. User opens the project and is told that they don't have permission to access the file.

Some additional points:

  • This problem doesn't occur if the project is published to Root Organization or \Projects.
  • The user can work around the problem by restarting Trados.
  • We authenticate our GroupShare users via a custom authentication provider.
    • The problem doesn't exist if the user is a standard 'SDL user' (i.e., not authenticated by a customer auth provider but username and password declared in GroupShare)

Any ideas on how we can solve this problem?

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