Re-segment an asset using the webservices

Hi everyone,

In our organisation, original documents are often modified after the translation has started. We have to upload the amended version of the file in WorldServer and run a re-segmentation of the document. Since it can happen at any stage in the workflow, we had to adapt the workflows so that each human task has a loop with two actions ("Clear segment" + "Segment asset"). However, this makes our workflows look complicated and not really easy to read for users when displaying them. Moreover, users have to make a "Complete step" each time they need to load the new version of an asset.

I was wondering if it is not possible to trigger the re-segmentation via the webservices, thus avoiding to have to specify the above-mentioned loops in all workflows. I saw that the Asset Manager contains a function "getAssetTranslation" which appears to return an object containing the segmented asset. However, it looks as if the segment cache does not get updated (but I am not sure) and it does not update the word count either. Am I using the right method to trigger segmentation?

Does anyone know how I could trigger an asset segmentation which would:

  • Update the segment cache
  • Update the word count
  • Take parameters, such as the leverage of the TM?

Thank you in advance for your support.



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