REST API does not support Chinese file name or project name?

Hi There,

We are working on an integration where we are trying to use REST API to automatically create projects, but if we transfer documents with Chinese file names and/or the project names has Chinese characters, it does not work (wont create project or fail to upload files). Do you have any idea why this happens and how to get this resolved?

REST API of WorldServer supports Chinese characters in file and project names?

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  • Hi Anson,

    I am sorry but since this isn't a bug but an actual change across the application we cannot release it as a hotfix.

    Due to the scale of the changes - as what the fix does is that it centralizes all the encoding settings across the application and defaults it to UTF-8, there are many places in the application where this change has taken place, as such a hotfix would mean a full distribution of WorldServer (including Tomcat - as we've changed it there as well).

    Kind Regards,
    Raul Ravaru
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