The Translation Provider ‘blah blah blah’ could not be opened and has been disabled


I am working on developing a plugin to offer our Machine Translation services to SDL Trados Studio users. To build plugin, I started with SDL Translation Provider project template.

I implemented few functions of classes implanting ITranslationProviderWinFormsUI, ITranslationProvider Interfaces. Somehow, with the help of DeepL and ETS plugins developed by SDL Community, I successfully deployed my plugin and shown a GUI to input Api Key. But after that, SDL Studio gives following error:

“The Translation Provider ‘blah blah blah’ could not be opened and has been disabled.”

Afterwards, plugin gets added but remains disabled.

The DeepL plugin is also giving same error but it remains enabled after adding till the time of selecting files for translation.

I must say that there is very little help on how to start developing a plugin. There should be step by step guide including detailed explanation of events especially when an event will be triggered.


Please help me to resolve this issue.


  • I found the root cause of this problem.

    I implemented "Browse" function of "ITranslationProviderWinFormsUI" interface. This function returned an array of ITranslationProvider objects. In this function, I stored credentials in the credential store. After that, "CreateTranslationProvider" function of "ITranslationProviderFactory" triggered. I tried to get credentials from credential store in this function but it is returning null. I was throwing exception if credential is null. I just commented this exception and plugin loaded successfully.