Google MT not populating translations from pre-Translation task

We have a workflow wherein we automatically create projects and publish them to GroupShare.  When we use Google MT in our template, segments do not show as translated from the Pre-Translation task when the project is opened from GroupShare.  If the user clicks into the segments they individually get translated, but this requires extra work that the pre-translation step should have taken care of.  When we use SDL BeGlobal in the template (and code), everything works fine.

We have tried with the following entry in the template:

    <CascadeEntryItem PerformConcordanceSearch="false" Penalty="0" PerformUpdate="false" PerformNormalSearch="true">
         <MainTranslationProviderItem Uri="" Enabled="true" />

And programmatically with:

Uri tm_uri = new Uri("")

tmProviderRef = new TranslationProviderReference(tm_uri );
project.Credentials.AddCredential(tm_uri, "GoogleMT credentials redacted");
tmProviderRef.Enabled = true;

var providerEntry = new TranslationProviderCascadeEntry(tmProviderRef, false, true, false);

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