How can I investigate empty values for database attributes?



we use GroupShareKit to request attributes and values from MultiTerm.


Example from GroupShare REST API Reference:


 GET /multiterm/api/1.0/termbases/test_2/concepts/81?inHtmlFormat=false HTTP/1.1
        Host: localhost:41234
        Authorization: Bearer AAIAAFhWV6Q2c5OetRkqyFckVdMQvj
        Cache-Control: no-cache


This works fine in our environment (14.0.1585).


But at one of our customers, no values are returned (although they are visible in MultiTerm):


Term database attribute found. Name:'Status', DataType:'PICKLIST', Level:'term'
Attribute picklist values are:''


The customer uses 14.0.22


How can I investigate this further? Are there logs I could check on MultiTerm side? Are possible reasons known for this?