Groupshare Access via Multiterm Desktop Api

Hello SDL Community,

I am working on an automatic Import into Groupshare using Multiterm Desktop API.

Everything is working so far:
- checking, if Termbase exists, if yes delete old one
- create new Termbase using xdt
- Import XML file using xdi process import
- reorganisation

Only Problem: After this Import in a new database, the new database Always is created in "Root Organization".
Is there a way to Change the Organization by API? I did not find it.

An other Question:
oTb.Entries.Item(j).Delete() does not work. No entries in termbase are deleted at all.
Any ideas, why this does not work? How can I properly delete the entries of a GS termbase without deleting the whole Termbase?

Thx in advance for your replies

Kind Regards