Is there an SDL developer's conference?

Hey Community,

I am a new SDL community developer, and I am curious to know if there are any
SDL developer conferences/in-person events planned in the next year or two.

Have such conferences taken place in the past?

I tried to find it on the SDL site, but alas could not.

Thanks for the info.

Tom Fennell

  • Hi

    Good question!  We have held them in the past for Language Developers, but the interest was pretty low so we only do them now on request.  This means if we can get at least a dozen developers together, from different companies, and one of these can host the event, then we will be happy to send at least one experienced SDL developer to the event in support of it and will put together the content.

    Language Developers tend to be hobby developers, or localization engineers who turn their hand to it, rather than professional developers.  There are exceptions of course, but it's not a burgeoning community of developers.  The problem is we have developers all over the globe, but compared to the number of translators it's a tiny proportion.  So we find that most won't, or can't, travel unless it's close to wheir place of work.