Project Automation API - Pre-translation for Neural Cloud MT

We now have working templates which work for creating projects manually. However, when we plug those templates into out Project automation API, the project is created, but no pre-translation takes place.

We would like to create the project using the template:
ProjectTemplateReference template = new ProjectTemplateReference(templateFile);
newProject = new FileBasedProject(this.GetInfoForTemplateProject(folderName, rootOrganization), template);

and then farther down in the code run the automatic tasks to ensure the settings from the template are implemented:
List<string> tasks = new List<string>() {

. . .
TaskSequence tsk = newProject.RunAutomaticTasks(files, tasks.ToArray(), ProcessTaskStatusEvent, ProcessTaskMessageEvent);

Currently this creates the projects with the desired settings including the correct MT engines. We're just missing the pre-translation piece.
For previous MT engines (Beglobal3) we had to write a custom function to re-add the MT engine for all lang pairs, in addition to our settings in the template.
Is this still necessary for 2019 CU5 using the SDL Cloud MT? Thanks!