Populate project TM minimum match value


I have a project that uses multiple TMs and I want to use these to pretranslate my files under fairly strict requirements (let's say 90%).

I know I can use the minimum match value of the pretranslate-task settings for this, but afterward I want to create a project TM that uses a lot more TUs from the main TMs to send to an editor.

So I want to pretranslate my files with a minimum match score of 90, but then populate my project TM with a minimum match score of 70. In the documentation it says "A project translation memory contains translations that have been taken from the main translation memories that you selected for a project. Only translations where there is a degree of match that at least meets the minimum match requirement you have specified will be retrieved into the project translation memory." 

So it sounds like I can definitely do this, but how can I set the setting that determines which TUs will be added to my project TMs? The ProjectTranslationMemoryTaskSettings Class does not seem to have any methods or properties related to this.

Also when I have multiple TMs can I set the minimum match value for populating the project TMs from each main TM individually?

Thank you very much