Removing ribbon groups from the toolbar

When removing ribbon groups from the LiveContent Create toolbar ribbon, the group is removed but separators remain and create the look of a thicker separator as well, which is very noticeable. We are creating several custom ribbon groups for out client and removing out of the box ones. Is there any way to accomplish removing those separators as well?

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  • The common.css is the CSS for the document view, and it cannot be used for tweaking the UI.
    The easiest way to add your CSS changes to the UI is to add a reference to a CSS stylesheet in Editors/Xopus/index.html. Now for this I should warn you that doing this is not an officially supported method of customizing our UI, so you need to be careful when doing an upgrade for example, your file and/or your change to index.html might not be kept, or the effect might not be the same anymore.