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over 2 years ago

Ability to define priority for vertical and horizontal tabular rules in XPP

Note: RFE has been submitted to SDL (CRQ #7903 for anyone else that would like to contribute their support)

The RFE asked for the ability to set priority on both vertical and horizontal rules. 

The functionality requested is the ability to:

  • set a different priority for each horizontal rule style in the t3 spec;
  • set a priority on column rules; 
  • set a priority on table box rules; and
  • have the priority present in the DIVXML.


The following XPP code is an example table that can be copied/pasted onto the last page of the following XPP delivered division:

<Tc>Net Asset Value 
at Beginning of 
<Tc>Net Investment 
Income (Loss)
<Tc>Net Realized and 
Unrealized Gain 
(Loss) on Investments
<Tc>Total from Investment Operations
<Tc>Dividends from 
Net Investment 
<Tc>Distributions from 
Realized Capital 
<Tc>Portfolio Turnover 
<Tr;;0><chgrow;hrule;1>For the Six-Month Period Ended April 30, 2015 (Unaudited)

This functionality request was originally part of a support ticket.