Idea Delivered

This will be available with XPP 9.4 later this year. Specifically, the Division ticket will be copied from the style library through Pathfinder, CITI and AutoProcessing.

Division ticket for a new division should be a copy from the library

Currently if you create a new division the division ticket is a copy of the division ticket that lives in your syslib library.
Which means you will probably have to edit it in order to match the requirements of a particular job (and again for the new division you create).
The same happens for the citi division created by the CITI process

It would make a lot more sense that a copy would be taken from the division ticket sitting in the style library used for this job.
Like that you could adapt the division ticket to the needs for this particular style and you would not have to edit the division ticket over and over again.
And the CITI division would get the correct division ticket as well.

  • I took a look at the original request from Bart and it is definitely feasible. Both CITI and "new division" from Pathfinder could copy the Division TIcket from the current Library (if it exists). This is somewhat of a change of behavior in that if there was a Division TIcket in the style library it will now use that ticket, but it will meet the current requested needs. Alternate division tickets and forms seems to overly complicate what should be a simple process to have a default ticket ready for new Divisions created in a Job referencing a Style Library.
    This could easily be added to XPP 9.4. What do you think?

  • Would it make sense to amend the "New Division" menu item to "New Division...", and have that work like the "Print..." menu item in that it could enable the user to set such things as the division ticket souce that is required for the new division.

    That setting should then be saved so when the user next creates a new division the dialog would be set up ready to just "Run" - unless they choose otherwise.

    The default source for the division ticket could be the syslib library, until the user chooses to amend and save,   and so existing behaviour could be maintained.

  • I agree. Furthermore, there should be the possibility to have several job and div tickets with names that can be descriptive of their use. Once copied to the JOB or DIV level, they could/should be renamed to _jt_job and _dt_div respectively.