Extend the divuse tool on Windows to include the USER and PID info

We all know the problem. 
Somebody wants to open a divison and the system comes back with the dreaded message that the division is in use.

On unix the solution is simple.
You run the divuse -p tool on that division, you will find who (user) holds the lock and what is the Process ID of that process.
And you can either gently ask that user to close the division or if the user can not be found or it is something like a locked compose process, you can simply kill that process.

Unfortunately the -p or -P switch is not supported on windows.

I am kind of hoping that this 'not supported' thing is something from the old days where things like xyview were running through the MKS emulation layer.

And maybe now that we are running things on Windows in a more native way, adding that very useful info to the divuse utility is just a simple question for SDL engineering.

A lot of windows sys admins would be very grateful...