Not Considering

Can confirm this would be too large of a development effort to consider based on other priorities so we are closing this out.

Named text registers

We currently have name number registers which is making things a lot easier for the style developer.

It would be great to have also named text registers.

I know I have been asking this before but that request was bundled with the request to be able to set and read text registers from within CSS.

I just want to repeat this idea, since I do not want SDL to forget about it

  • I do understand the need for SDL to carefully search the balance between effort and value before implementing a new idea.
    And I have to admit that at first glance, there no direct 'business' value to this idea, as it will not make the system more powerful.

    In this case it is all a question of ease of use and ease of maintenance.
    Lets not forget that that was the basic idea behind the whole CSS effort.

    Having names for text register like ' head1'  or 'tableTitle' makes things a lot easier than having to deal with text register 1 and 5.
    Not to mention that it is easy to use the same number twice by mistake (if you do not keep track somewhere what registers are in use and what they are used for).

    But I hear you when you say that this idea will require a high level of effort.
    I just thought that since you have done this already for number register, it would simply a question of almost copy and paste that effort, but apparently it seems to be little more complicated that just that...:-)