Add icons to List view to show if Page / Component is published to Staging or Live

Add small circle icons to the GUI List view to indicate if an item is published to Staging or Live, in their own (small) Column.  Max to 2 or 3?  90%+ of customers have only 2 environments they publish to from a given Publication.  Maybe configured per Publication, and configuring which target is mapped to which color circle icon.

This is very helpful as in the normal content creation flow, content is created, then published to Staging, reviewed, and then published to Live.  Sometimes, content is only published to Live but not to Staging, and we would like to Publish to Staging.

Allowing a max of 2 targets to be configured per Publication keeps the GUI looking clean and minimal....

This would already be a huge improvement to the existing GUI where this information is unavailable in the list view.