Not Planned

The idea of seeing deeper relationships in Where Used is definitely familiar though with the move towards dynamic delivery setups (i.e. publishing JSON) we see work on TBB relationships as lower priority.

It might be worth revisiting the template management experience if/when we revisit the template builder.

I'm setting this specific idea to not planned but encourage others to explain the experience working with templates clearer. For example, is this specific to the Where Used on pages?


If Where Used shows templates, it should also show the template building blocks

Say for example you do a Where Used on a page. In the Uses tab, you'll see the Component templates, but not the building blocks used to implement them. (If the page template is inherited, you won't see that either, but for now let's keep that out of scope.)

My suggestion is that the template building blocks should also be shown. I understand that perhaps this is more interesting to developers than to others, so perhaps this could be governed by a user preference.