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over 2 years ago

Versioning of Structure Groups/Folders/Publications

Many times somebody has updated the Publication Properties, Folder Metadata, Structure Group Metadata, Category Properties or Keyword Properties/Metadata only to break something and it be found out later.

We can see the issue, when it occurred, but it would be great if we could see who changed it and get a comparison of the change at least.

We could benefit from complete beginning, although a simpler system would do.

For instance, we could live without rolling back/forward.

I know we can implement our own solutions for this, but it would be good to see this in the core product.

Edit (2017-06-04) by  fixed typo and added Categories & Keywords

  • Hey Rick,

    I believe an Audit trail should certainly exist in a product like this, however I'm interested in expanding the version control to cover more item types.

    With the ability to see what changed between versions, when and by whom, with the ability to roll back or copy forward.

    We already have this functionality for some item types, expanding to cover more types would be very useful.

  • Another Idea is to provide audit trail functionality OOTB (i.e. the ability to see which user performed which action on which object).  Would that be a sufficient alternative for what you are looking for?

    In case you really need full-blown versioning functionality on so-called Organizational Items: is it only about the Organizational Item's metadata, or also about its contents (i.e. the items within the Organizational Item)?

  • Maybe keywords and categories should be added to the list.

  • Sorry,  editing on the S8 causes all sorts of annoying typos.

    So "wound be great" should have been "would be great" !!!


    And I couldn't edit the posted idea either, hence the comment.

    Feel my pain :-(