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over 3 years ago

Provide basic analytics/usage statistics

Proposed changes for Web Client > Event Log Tab:

All organizations need to have some basic usage stats for their tools. For example, over a given time interval we would like to know: how many active users, how many pubs released, how many pubs created, how many jobs published, how many pub failures, how many translations, how many imports, how many exports, etc.

  • Hi,

    We in Maersk Drilling also supports this. I have gathered inputs from my team on what they would like to see in a report and here are their suggestions based on how we use SDL:

    Statistics Report:

    1. List of status of objects in SDL except “Rejected” and “Released” - This includes status of the output, publication, maps, images, topics with the author/owner of the content. This would help us for cleaning up objects that were not yet released for long period of time and to know what needs to be done on those objects.

    2. List of objects in SDL – This report includes file path, type of object, GUIDs with date modified so we can go in and get objects that haven’t been modified in 2 years, or see how much content we have created in the last month.

    3. List of Conrefs topics and topics that uses each conrefs - So that we can see how many reuse we have used so far.

    4. List of active users, date when users last accessed SDL. – This would help to understand the usage of SDL in administrator perspective. And will give an accurate report rather than doing it manually

    5. List of pubs that are released at any time interval. The report could include the file path of pub, and the total of publications released. – This would help to keep track on the documents that are being published so far from SDL.

    6. Number of files that were moved from one status to another status at any time interval . Eg: No of files which were moved from Draft to Review state at a day. - This would help SDL business users to keep track of the work that is being done by SDL users like editors, reviewers and others every day. This would give statistics on work done.

    QA purposes:

    1. List of topics not connected to any maps and publications – This would help us capture any topic/s that has not been moved to obsolete topics

    2. List of topics with the same GUIDs – This would help us capture any topic/s that has the same GUID to avoid errors in SDL.

    3. List of topics checked out and to whom the file is checked out. - This would give SDL business users, an overview of the files on which SDL editors, reviewers and others are working on.

    If you need us to elaborate more on the suggestions, please feel free to contact me.


    Melanie Villafranca, Maersk Drilling

  • Here's a couple more thoughts on statistics

    * It would be good to have a statistics batch interface

    * In this batch interface, it would be good to be able to enter a set of publication or library topic GUIDs, and be able to save that entered batch with a batch ID number orname, or preferably both, so that it could be reused

    * It would be good to be able to schedule regular batch runs of named batches

    * It would be good to obtain a resource load for scheduled batches, with suggestions for when to run the batch so that resources are not

    overloaded running data analytics when you need those resources for development.

  • I'll support this as well--and now that I've read this, I'm sold on the ideal of word count.


    Not sure I'll make the meeting tomorrow (double-booked as usual), but:

    Using word count, I'd like to see % of reuse by publication, % of reuse by library topic, specifying each conref or variable ID in each library (and pubs where used), and ability to export to CSV for further analysis. But I am willing to be instructed on the information that, by best practice, people in the community think is the way to go.

  • Hi Frank - I will discuss with the user group and provide a more complete list.

  • It would be good to know which reports everyone considers as must have's. Can you please list them here, so that we can discuss further.