Under Community Review

Publication Manager should check out a publication to only one user at a time

Publication Manager should check publications out to users, so that only one user can make changes to and save an open publication. Other users should be able to view checked out publications, but not change them.

Currently, multiple users can edit the same publication at the same time in Publication Manager. Sometimes a user is prompted to save the publication, which can cause another user’s changes to be discarded or overwritten inadvertently. The system provides no warning when multiple users are editing the same publication.

Sample use case:

1. User A and User B both open a publication in Pub Mgr.

2. User A makes changes to the pub, saves it, and closes it.

3. User B creates outputs and attempts to publish an output.

Pub Mgr prompts User B to save the pub.

4. User B selects Save, because it is required to publish the output.

Because User B’s local copy does not contain User A’s changes, the changes made by User A are overwritten by the older version.