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over 3 years ago

Add OOTB Reuse Snapshot Report

We would like to have a very basic reuse report added to Knowledge Center. This report could simply include all topics  in the repository that are used in more than one publication.

The user group put together the attached document, but it is intended as a guideline only. We are open to different ways of presenting (and calculating) reuse in a very basic, out-of-the-box way. For example, the document says that only topics should be counted, but we would be open to counting all objects.

KC User Group Reuse Snapshot Report Request.docx

  • NetApp would also like to be able to have some sort of export so we can add it to the Metrics and BI data that we currently report on and see what sort of interaction there is with the TMS leverage.  Great idea Elizabeth. Thanks, Barbara

  • FICO would love to see this sooner rather than later. I would hope SDL could either reconsider making this OOTB in a near future release, or speed up releasing the open-source so we can implement it ourselves. (Thanks Stacey for the update.)

  • I contacted Frank C. regarding when the reuse report/dashboard functionality would be available since we are trying to decide whether to wait on that or create our own. Based on that conversation, it is my understanding that SDL isn't currently planning to make the reuse reporting/dashboard available out of the box, but we could take advantage if they open source it (which they are considering) and do our own reporting. Frank suggested viewing metrics discussed at min 46 in this webinar: community.sdl.com/.../3165.

  •  I like what said - I think SDL has a solution that would work for most of us users already. Any plans to build this into the product?

  • We're looking at this now, but needless to say, the OOTB report can be a real utility for customers to achieve success in making the transition to DITA by providing a helpful objective measure to augment opinion and heuristics.  I'm sold on Hackos's case for word count:

    Percent Repository Words Reused in Context (PRWRC) = (Words in All Produced Content –Words in the Repository)/(Words in the Repository)

    But it would be interesting to hear from people who think that an alternative approach would be better, and why they think that would be so.

    In the absence of any strong argument to the contrary, again, I really think implementing this feature as an OOTB option would greatly strengthen SDL's value proposition. When we're successful refining our reuse practices with objective measurements, you become even more a vital partner to our organization.