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Display TMS statuses in Mantra opposed to current status

Good day,

I would like to suggest the translation statuses available in TMS to be used in Matra as in Mantra it only says "In translation" with no specification. In TMS you can see if the content has been translated by SDL already, if it is with the co-review or in final review with SDL. This gives a way more accurate view on the actual status of the job and tell the user if we need to reach-out to the reviewer or SDL.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Best regards,

Mark Slegers

  • HI Mark, at project level, ManTra exposes the following statuses. Some of these are dependent on the features/workflows configured for a customer.

    "Preparing", "Ready for Vendor Selection", "Ready to Approve", "In Progress", "Ready for Download", "Complete".

    At file level, we provide more granular detail to customers that perform Client Review or SignOff tasks in ManTra.

    "In Review", "Reviewed", "In SignOff", "Signed Off"

    This granular, file level status, is displayed in the Project Details page in ManTra and also available via the Export my Data feature in ManTra. We can also display the resources and deadline corresponding to Client Review and SignOff steps.

    What we don't expose are details of any steps that are not the direct responsibility of the customer. For example, we don't differentiate between Translation and Review steps that performed by the LSP. This level of detail is only available in TMS, and in future, through SDL Language Cloud.

  • Mantra is supposed to help the customers to become a little independent from the production teams when it comes to common details/information regarding their projects. I think this is a good example from Mark as the current status display is rather minimal.