Not Planned
over 1 year ago

To increase the timeout period in the client review interface in Mantra

Clients doing a client revie win Mantra are complaining that the timeout period for the intrface is too short and if they have to take a break and do something else on the side, they will have to log in again and sometimes they even lose their comments if they did not save them.

  • Hi Dmitry,

    The session timeout in ManTra is set to 20 minutes of inactivity. This is implemented for security reasons and not something we can extend.

    Having said that, in ManTra Online Review, we save any updates/comments instantly as soon as a user navigates away from a segment. The user isn't required to explicitly save their changes, so as long as they finish working on a segment before moving away from their computer, there is no risk of those changes/comments being lost.